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This style draws inspiration from traditional tattoos but adds a more three-dimensional effect through shading techniques and dynamic compositions.

Neo traditional tattoos commonly feature elements such as florals, animals, portraits, and pin-up girls, mixed with modern elements like realistic shadows and bold linework.
The rise of neo traditional tattoos can be attributed to the desire for a more artistic and visually striking approach to traditional designs. This style stands for the fusion of old school tattooing with contemporary aesthetics, creating a unique and personalized form of artistic expression.

Neo traditional tattoos often communicate deeper meanings, symbolizing personal narratives, emotions, or commemorating loved ones. With its rich colours, intricate linework, and imaginative compositions, neo traditional tattoos continue to captivate tattoo enthusiasts around the world as a vibrant and modern form of body art.


Freehand Script

Also known as a Script tattoo, our 

Beautiful tattoos don’t always come in the form of images or illustrations. Lettering tattoos allow you to wear your favourite saying, catchphrase, lyrics or quotes in a way that lifts them off the page and onto your skin.

Lettering tattoos are highly personal: a great form of self-expression and free speech. At  BLST  we can help you select a bold or delicate font that speaks best to what you want to say (and wear) for the whole world to see. We can even copy handwriting.

Script tattoos can also be discreet, a private reminder or motivator to signify something you’ve achieved or overcome, or words of wisdom from someone who’s impacted your life for the better.

You can choose a design that represents your personality, your passions, your memories, or your dreams. You can also get a tattoo that honours someone you love, such as a family member, a friend, or a pet.


script writing


Geometric tattoos are another style of tattooing that uses shapes
and lines to create balance, symmetry, and mystery. They can be
simple or complex, abstract or realistic, colourful or monochrome.

They can also incorporate elements from other styles, such as dot work, mandala, or tribal. Some of the most common shapes used in geometric tattoos are triangles, circles, squares, hexagons, and polygons.

Geometric tattoos have a long and rich history, dating back to ancient times, when different cultures used geometric symbols to represent their beliefs, values, and traditions.

For example, the Egyptians used pyramids, the Greeks used the golden ratio, and the Celts used knots. Today, geometric tattoos are still popular and meaningful, as they can reflect the harmony, order, and beauty of nature and the universe.

One of the benefits of getting a geometric tattoo is that they are very eye-catching and attractive. They can draw attention to your body and enhance your features. They can also make a statement about your personality, your interests, or your spirituality. Another benefit is that geometric tattoos are very adaptable and can be done on any part of the body, depending on the shape and size of the design.

If you are interested in getting a geometric tattoo. Get in touch and we can answer any questions you may have. We are a tattoo studio that offers a variety of styles, including geometric, and have friendly and professional staff. 

Browse our portfolio of impressive geometric tattoo designs to help provide some inspiration and we will make your new tattoo unique for you.

Shane Williams,

“I can't recommend BLST enough. They are a credit to the industry. They are so professional, patient, and exceptional at what they do"

Morgan Taylor, Edinburgh

"Look no further if you're wanting a new tattoo! Charlie has a real gift for his art. I've now had four different tattoos from BLST and now I need to save up to get another! 100% I'd recommend them to anyone"

Lisa McColgan, Edinburgh

“I had thought about a tattoo for a while but had always been too nervous. After a chat with Charlie he completely put my mind at ease. The end result was way beyond my expectations. I'm so happy with it and get compliments wherever I go. ”

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